A woman, a man, a child and a dog

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two men, a dog and a lamppost 2019 oil on canvas 200×150
A girl, a dress, a boy and some pigeons 170×300 Oil on canvas 2018
two women, two men, a yoyo and amore 170×250 oil on canvas 2018
a man two women and a bag 2018 oil on canvas 180×150
A man, a girl, a top hat and two smileys 2018 170×230 Oil on canvas
a man, a dog and binoculars 120×150 oil on canvas 2017
a man, a woman, a girl and a magazine 135×150 oil on canvas 2017
a woman, a boy, a dog and a fire hydrant 2017 150×180
two men and a waterhose 2017 150×180
A girl, a man and icecream 2017 120×150