paintings I’m working on

At the moment I’m adding a new dimension to my paintings which is a landscape and a sky with clouds, an unknown place. A place that could  be anywhere on this planet, a place bigger than us. Clouds are most fascinating. Not only are there multiple combinations of colours and shapes, they change constantly and they exist only temporarily. I’ve discovered that once I start looking I can’t take my eyes off the sky. The lovely thing is that in the Golden Age of Dutch culture many painters have been inspired by the Dutch sky and light, both landscape and seascape artists have created dramatic skies to compliment and guide their narrative.

Also I’m trying to go deeper into the psychology and body language of human relationships and the world around us. To combine the elements of “Get in Line”  with “woman, man, child and dog”. 

“Becoming Art” is people looking at art and their body language. Looking at art is a very individualistic. Only you can decide what it is that you see or hear and how it affects you. What do you see? What do you think? Do you think for yourself or follow others? Should art make u think or feel? What is art? What do others see? What do they think? What happens inside of them when they look at art? 

Becoming art:


oil on canvas 55×45

Combining “Get in Line” with ” woman, man, child and dog”:

oil on canvas 300×215

including clouds:

oil on canvas 250×170

working on it:

oil on canvas 150×180