Empty seat explained

This was my first painting coming back to monochrome like Get in Line. I had experimented with colour and silhouettes in other paintings but wanted to simplify. I concentrated on ways to paint in black. Line, pencil drawing, sketched, silhouette, black mixed with white for the tiles. Long haired brush, short haired brush, thinned paint, dry paint. Objects and people cut off at the edges of the canvas. In the news I read about the story of two artists gone missing in an undisclosed country for having painted an empty chair in a mural. If I remember correctly, the empty chair stood for a human rights advocate who left behind an empty chair after he went missing and the artists used it as a symbol. Unfortunately the same fate happened to the artists because of the use of the symbol. I don’t know happened to them. A lot of people go missing in the world, political activists, environmentalists, human rights activists, and indigenous people. I’m shocked just how many when I read about it. I’m deeply in awe of people willing to risk their lives for the sake of others and the environment. The chair in my painting doesn’t only stand for people gone missing also for people who aren’t allowed to participate. The three men are waiting for someone to take a seat to continue the discussion and exchange of knowledge