A dress explained

I have the tendency to paint over initial ideas to experiment with new ideas. So I did with this painting. Initially it was a painting with 6 individuals that changed into a painting with three individuals and a background with a wide horizon and sky. I felt however that it was missing something but I couldn’t put my finger on it and so I waited till the moment arrived when new ideas would fit into this painting. This happened during the corona crisis when I wanted to experiment with adding more to the background. Up till now I’ve had a large sky as a background and that works well, but in future painting I want to see what other options would work for me and these options I try on paintings that in my idea aren’t quite finished yet or simply useful for an experiment.

What if they, the three individuals in the foreground, weren’t on a large plain but in the city? On the street? And what if I add some more people in silhouette to it like I had done in my other paintings? But in Corona style, social distancing, paused, the way we are all experiencing life at the moment. Contrasting the movement of the girl in the dress who we might have been before, when we could freely enjoy the sun and showing off in clothes that make us feel good, or the way we will be in the future.

two girls, a boy and a dress 170×300 oil on canvas 2018-2020