Art that inspires me

(photos below)

My fascination has always been the psychological make up of myself and others and how we relate to each other. How much of our opinions are formed by others, programmed by society and when do we question this and start to analyse who we are as individuals. How do we relate to the past, fit into history, where do we find ourselves in the present? Growing up in a culture of historical and biblical painting, like Rembrandt, Rubens the Italian masters, I saw a visual representation of my questions. Street scenes, the Night watch, Rubens’ battle paintings, Goya’s commentary on war. James Ensor’s exploration of his psyche.
As I was reading philosophy and learning about life, I was inspired by Socrates, Kierkegaard, Thoreau, Machiavelli and Albert Camus, among others. Philosophies in which individuality and personal development and questioning the world around me are one of the first principles. Humanism. Practical.
My inspiration lies in observing the lives of people, their relationships and their actions. Walking on the street I see the beauty of movement and subtle facial expressions of daily activities. That’s what I love. How we are alone with our thoughts and questions. But share this moment in time with the others around us, who equally wonder in their own way about existence.
Society and interactions are created by all of us as individuals. As a group we make up society and different societies create world interaction. The stories grow from how we compare and relate to each other, that there’s not one way but many different ways in which we can live, whether we interact or not. It depends on where we come from and what our point of reference is, but also how much we allow the story of another perspective to broaden our concept of life. Existence is so fascinating. To appreciate where we come from and who we are and the diversity of different points of view. The joy of life and the hardships are experienced by people all over the world, the interaction of family, the journey to work, drinking coffee in the morning. Enjoying food and laughter. We are so strong, yet so fragile. The questions we ask ourselves might be similar, but our answers are very different, we each have to find out individually what life means to us, what place we want to take in society, which friendships to develop, which to abandon. When I look at the people on the street some stand out to me and these I photograph, sometimes I discover that a person in the background of my photograph, someone I didn’t notice at first, turns out to embody perfectly what I’m looking for, these are inspiring moments. To be surprised by the unexpected.

These photos are not mine and probably have copyright, I took them off the internet cause they inspire me.