Get in line

Get in line 170×250 170×150 170×200 Oil on canvas 2018

GET IN LINE is for me a microcosm of society, people together and alone, waiting for a bus, a football game, icecream, museums, water and food. Body language that shows excitement, boredom, exhaustion, desperation all come together in one piece of work that, for now, exists out of 3 separate canvases, but more could be added in the future. We live in a time of globalisation, with social media and internet allowing a view into other lives. Different cultures spreading to all corners of the world.  Migration due to the changes caused by world powers. Get in line is a part of existence we all experience from time to time as more people move to the cities and we live closer together as we’ve ever done before. A time in which we can get a close look at each other’s interpretations of life, cultural diversity, habits, joys and delicious foods. The world population is still growing, meaning, we’ll be spending more of our time standing in line.

Get in line 170×250 oil on canvas 2018
Get in line 170×150 Oil on canvas 2018
Get in line 170×200 Oil on canvas 2018

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